Is technology killing off independent pizzerias?

By |maart 9th, 2016|

Is technology killing off independent pizzerias? This happens in the United States at the rate of roughly 2,549 locations per year (in 2015 alone). The pizza category is being reshaped by both big new technology deployed by chains and fresh threats from sophisticated emerging brands that are taking slices of the pie from tens of [...]

Pizza box design?

By |maart 7th, 2016|

Pizza box design? Yes a new Pizza box, lets do it! But who is going to design our new Pizza box? Oh yeah no problem, my sisters sister has a son who is good at it .... Thats the way it goes ... sometimes. Where to start for Pizza box design? Well as written before [...]

Pizza boxes from Turkey?

By |maart 6th, 2016|

Pizza boxes from Turkey, Chinese or Italian pizza boxes? What do you prefer? Pizza boxes from Turkey, China or Italian pizza boxes? Is there a difference between them? Which Pizza box you prefer to use? Certified or not certified? Think about this, there are a lot of complaints about chemicals in Pizzaboxes such as this test [...]

Domino’s Pizza box illustrations, and do you use illustrated Pizza boxes?

By |februari 19th, 2016|

Domino's Pizza box illustrations, and do you use illustrated Pizza boxes? CPB Group commissioned Steven Noble to illustrate a series of icons for Domino’s Pizza’s new illustrated pizza boxes that includes a variety of symbolic elements such as a thumbs-up, clock, sandwiches, ingredients, breadsticks, etc... The illustrations were created traditionally by hand and were used very [...]

Our Pizza Boxes Are Made From Certified Materials

By |februari 18th, 2016|

Our Pizza Boxes are made from certified materials. We at Yourpizzabox.eu produce our pizza boxes from top quality materials that are made to be durable and able to withstand a steaming hot pizza without losing strength. These pizza boxes can be printed on using your own unique design - this allows you to include your branding, special [...]

Hoe onderscheid u zich van uw collega Pizzeria?

By |februari 18th, 2016|

Hoe onderscheid u zich van uw collega Pizzeria? U doet uw uiterste best om u te onderscheiden door KWALITEIT van uw producten en draagt dat graag uit naar uw klanten. Maar hoe onderscheid u zich van uw collega Pizzeria? Een Pizza box in uw HUISSTIJL zal zeker OPVALLEN. Uw klant zal zeker merken dat u [...]