Domino’s Pizza box illustrations, and do you use illustrated Pizza boxes?

illustrated pizza boxes

CPB Group commissioned Steven Noble to illustrate a series of icons for Domino’s Pizza’s new illustrated pizza boxes that includes a variety of symbolic elements such as a thumbs-up, clock, sandwiches, ingredients, breadsticks, etc… The illustrations were created traditionally by hand and were used very small at 1” or less in size for their worldwide distribution.

If a company as Domino’s uses their own private label illustrated pizza boxes why they do this?

Think about this question and ask yourself, why is it that all big Fast Food and Pizza chains have personalized illustrated pizza boxes?

What would you do? Use a generic Pizza box? Yes it’s a bit cheaper, at least if you only look at the price of the box. But think about this, your client what do they get? A good quality box, but from whom? From your Pizzeria, or from the one around the corner?

So a generic box is cheaper, but a private label illustrated pizza box does generate income!

With a private label box your clients and friends know where the nice smelling and tasting Pizza is coming from, not from around the corner but from you! Where do they go to buy again? They remember your logo, if not why do all the big chains use their own designed pizzaboxes?

illustrated pizza boxes

What to do?

This is your turn, think about it. Is it worth to save €0,05 on a box and don’t do anything on marketing of your pizza shop? How much income will you loose by not making promotion with your own private label illustrated pizza boxes? You have a name on your shop maybe even on your car, why not on your pizzabox? It will cost you maybe €0,05 extra, is it worth it?

Think about it!

Think about it, and if you want to know what a pizza box with your logo costs ask us. Sure you will be surprised to see what the difference in price is if you buy our private label boxes. Just as Domino’s does!

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illustrated pizza boxes illustrated pizza boxes illustrated pizza boxes illustrated pizza boxes illustrated pizza boxesillustrated pizza boxes

Agency: CPB Group Illustrator: Steven Noble Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Packaging Content: Pizza Location: USA – See more at: