Pizza box design?

Yes a new Pizza box, lets do it! But who is going to design our new Pizza box? Oh yeah no problem, my sisters sister has a son who is good at it …. Thats the way it goes … sometimes.

Where to start for Pizza box design?

Well as written before someone in the family can do it, and they can do it well! If they know what they are doing. You have to remember this, what is it you want to communicate to you customers? How do you write a good catchy text? What colors do you use? What program do you make it in?

All these questions have to be answered. Your goal is to do advertising for your company, ask you clients what they think. Or ask a professional what is possible.

It it expensive to make a design?

We think it’s not. If you hire a professional or you have made up your own ideas and know what your goal is the results will be great if you use the correct programs and deliver a file (.AI or .PDF) where your printer can work with, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Daw. You have to deliver a Vector file to get a good result.

Ask for different quotations or look on internet for designers, it’s worth it to spend some money on it to get a good design and after this a good looking well printed Pizza box. Don’t forget it is to promote your Pizzeria. You use quality products for you Pizza, use quality for your design.

With a good or correct file your printer can deliver a good result also, and ant the end everybody is happy.

If we can do Pizza box design?

Yes, we do Pizza box design, we have all the digital die-cuts and can make a design with 2 rounds of correction for €195. The design is made by a professional team of designers.

Want to try it? No problem, send detailed information to: and we help you to design a box you be happy with!